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     Lenape Solar is committed to providing cost-saving, state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly solar power and energy efficiency solutions to our valued customers and communities, and we are dedicated to not only preserving and protecting the Earth’s environment, ecology and natural resources, but to leading the way in Pennsylvania in promoting renewable energies and the virtue and sensibility of adopting sustainable living lifestyles.
     Although there are many forms of viable, renewable energies, our company is focused on the most abundant and ever-present resource of them all ... the sun.  Lenape Solar specializes in the installation of Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems (electricity generation), Solar Thermal Hot Water & Space Heating Systems and providing Energy Efficiency Solutions
for homeowners, businesses, industries and institutions alike.
      Lenape Solar combines experience, knowledge, technical expertise and continual research with a sincere diligence in utilizing only the highest quality products and leading edge technologies & practices. The owners, crew and staff of Lenape Solar share a common vision and devotion toward excellence in our work, toward exemplary management of our business, and in building lifetime relationships with the families, businesses, industries, institutions & individuals that choose Lenape Solar for their energy solutions.


    You've "done your homework," and you know that by choosing solar power you'll increase your energy independence while contributing to society's independence from environmentally-unfriendly, disappearing fossil fuels... and you'll reduce your energy costs, increase your property value, reduce your "carbon footprint" and live cleaner. It's a wise financial investment because of both the savings and the return, but it's also an investment in the future of our planet. It's a public statement of your commitment to cleaner, better, smarter living.
     By choosing Lenape Solar, you'll accomplish all of that ... but you'll also achieve the fastest return on your investment, you'll maximize your appreciation of available incentives, rebates & grants, you'll acquire a custom-tailored, optimum performance system comprised of the highest quality components (backed by the best warranties in the industry), you'll be working with a local company and supporting the local economy, and you'll be joining a family ... the Lenape Solar family.
We are highly respected in our field and have extensive experience in business & construction management and technologies, we take great pride in our work and products, we care deeply about our communities and give back at every opportunity with both labor and donations, and we are dedicated to making a positive difference in our planet's future for the sake of our great-grandchildren and yours. Like the sun, we'll be around for a very long time to come ... working for you and with you.
     Because we expect and demand the same high quality that you should, Lenape Solar relies solely on premier products from Sharp, Kingspan-Thermomax, Enphase, UniRac, Professional Solar Products (GroundTrak), SMA, Tigo and other top manufacturers in our solar installations, which means the most power to you, guaranteed reliability, the fastest return on your investment and the best warranties in the industry. Lenape Solar also proudly supports the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act by choosing to exclusively partner with 'Buy American' qualified manufacturers.  READ MORE ABOUT BUYING AMERICAN►
    We strongly believe in supporting our communities and local businesses at every opportunity . . . we believe in 'giving back' . . . and the choice to "Buy American" is but one of the ways we express our belief.  We hire locally, buy our miscellaneous supplies & tools locally, and we offer our services, skills, expertise and advisement to community organizations, charitable agencies (such as Central Susquehanna Opportunities), local schools (such as Triangle Tech, our region's leading trade school) and other local entities, whether toward education, community improvement or in times of need.  READ AN ARTICLE ABOUT SOME OUR COMMUNITY WORK►
     Our technical specialists work closely with you to determine the scope of your project based on your current energy usage and savings expectations, and then custom-design a system that perfectly suits your needs and budget, provides the fastest return on your investment, and maximizes available space while carefully considering the aesthetic value of your home or building. Our team of expert, certified installers ensures that every aspect of your system is designed, installed and maintained to the highest standards of precision and quality and to exact manufacturer specifications.
     At Lenape Solar, we take great pride in not only the quality of our products and work, but in the professionalism of our staff and crew as well. You'll always receive courteous, prompt and attentive service, and while helping you reduce your carbon footprint, we're also very conscious of our own footprint ... on your property. You might not even notice we were there ... until you see the savings.
     Most importantly, perhaps, Lenape Solar
is recognized as experts in the most up-to-the-minute federal, state and local renewable energy legislation and incentives, as well as utility company programs and rebates. Our staff personally consults with representatives from USDA, PA DEP, SEF and SEDA-COG, as well as with state legislators, county commissioners and many others, which enables us to provide the most insightful & informed support in the region. From USDA grants and PA Sunshine rebates to tax depreciation and SREC guidance, Lenape Solar will help you achieve the maximum reduction in cost, while also helping you achieve the maximum return on your investment.
     Choose solar power. It's not just a great choice ... it's the right choice.
     Choose Lenape Solar. We're your best choice.




    Our company's name is very respectfully derived from that of Pennsylvania's original, Native American inhabitants, the Lenápe tribe, whose own name means "the people."  Just as they understood the natural balance of life and the symbiotic relationship between humanity and the Earth's natural ecology, cycles and all forms of life ... so, too, does our company. Lenape Solar is dedicated to not only preserving and protecting the Earth’s environment, ecology and natural resources, but to leading the way in promoting sustainable living through our planet’s abundant renewable energies, as well as promoting the importance of living sensibly and in harmony with nature for the sake of our planet's future.   READ MORE ABOUT SUSTAINABLE LIVING►


Business Associations
  Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce
Our Community Partnerships

  Central Susquehanna Opportunities (CSO)
     Lenape Solar donates labor for community projects
  Triangle Tech - Sunbury
     Lenape Solar provides advisement and student seminars
     in solar energy technologies
Our Vendors & Suppliers
  DPW Solar (mounting systems)
  Unirac (mounting systems)
  SMA Solar Technology
Lenape Solar installers are manufacturer-trained
and carry many accreditations

Assoc. Degree: Electronics Engineering Technologies
Assoc. Degree: Carpentry & Construction Technologies
  LEED Green Certification
  Sharp PV Systems Manufacturer Certification
  Kingspan-Thermomax Manufacturer Training

  Plumbing Apprenticeship Certification
Mechanical Engineering Degree
Lenape Solar™    140 South Second Street   Sunbury, PA 17801    (570) 286-1496

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